01. Free! Eternal Summer Ending
02. Free! Ever Blue
03. Splash Free!
deeper than the sea.

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Hello! I have an undying love for Mamura Daiki and fictional characters. This is a multifandom blog; beware of spoilers!

The Suzume to my Mamura~
The Rin to my Haru~
The Chen to my Luhan~
The Ciel to my Sebastian~


The water is alive.
Tiny Semi-Hiatus!


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on too much recently; I’m on holiday and the wifi is really slow ;_; I’m going to the beach for about ten days from the 27th, so I’ll be going on a small semi-hiatus in case I can’t find wifi ><” I also won’t be able to reply to any messages sorry guys ahh, but I’ll have my queue on so I’ll still remain active ^^ Byee ♥


Rivers divided will once again meet in the ocean.


"Dance with me… Shiemi.

Everybody loves somebody.

make me choose » Ichigo and Rukia or Mamura and Suzume asked by  

The difference…

Today, we take our first step toward that goal. 


”it's alright even if you are weak there are people who'll come to your rescue. maybe you won't meet them right away, but don't give up, and keep running until you meet them“

happy birthday Sasha 
mammura asked: TOSKA SWEETIE I JUST CAME ACROSS YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW THEME AND IT IS SO GORGEOUS OH MY GOD THE FREE! BBYS <3 >.< also let's not forget you're the haru to my rin and it's very special ehe eh (◠º◠✿)