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02. Free! Ever Blue
03. Splash Free!
deeper than the sea.

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Hello! I have an undying love for Mamura Daiki and fictional characters. This is a multifandom blog; beware of spoilers!

The Suzume to my Mamura~
The Rin to my Haru~
The Chen to my Luhan~
The Ciel to my Sebastian~
The Futaba to my Kou~  


The water is alive.

A country I didn’t know. A city I didn’t know. I didn’t even know the language.

"Where are you sensei?"

Sakura and Nozaki’s First Encounter requested by anonymous


Rin Matsuoka  ☆

♡  dedicated to Ana-chan - Happy birthday sweetie 


There's really only so much Kageyama can handle ಠ_ಠ
s0ushimiketsu asked: Once you get this, say five things you like about yourself publicly and then send this to ten of your favorite followers.

Awwh thank you bby! ♥ ;; But omg five things idek what to say lies on ground

  1. HHH I guess I like my eyes - they’re quite big ~
  2. My eyebrow game isn’t the worst ((this is so difficult omg help me))
  3. I like my hair on the rare days it’s not frizzy ;v;
  4. I like the fact I usually get things done on time c’:
  5. The fact I’ve made so many lovely friends on here (this counts ofc)